Friday, February 16, 2007

move along.

i've moved on to better things : all about the word play.

being the sentimental fool i am. i couldn't drop it all.

ad verbitum.

wen at 9:51 AM


Sunday, February 11, 2007

silver defence

what is the point that they are trying to make by interviewing supposed "ah bengs" who apparently know their 5 core values.
civil[pronounced sil-ver] defence
psychological defence
social defence
economic defence
military defence
" like the palm of our hand..."

i must be a failure of the singapore education system then. i could hardly remember the aspects of singapore's total defence.
time to join the ranks of ah bengs liao.

dam paiseh lor.

wen at 12:02 PM


Saturday, February 10, 2007

its hawt.

its hawt braving the crowds of chinatown(for the first time during cny)
yes . do laugh at how much of a non-life i've been leading. it was my first time going to alot of places last year.. including zouk and chompchomp. ah yes. it is the truth.
but it ain't hawt to do it after surviving on a couple hours of sleep the night before and then spending a couple of hours in the sun playing floorball in the afternoon.

singapore seems to have gone through the cycle of seasons. winter/spring and then now its summer. hell lot of sun with really little cloud cover.hawt.
and so continues my continued process of looking non-chinese.
team law. yay. 3rd for ifg frisbee.
hawt stuff.
//you were fashionably sensitive
But too cool to care.
You stood in my doorway, with nothing to say
Besides some comment on the weather

wen at 10:14 PM


Thursday, February 08, 2007

those dark eyes and careless hair.

While at starbucks...

It is because my brain refuses to absorb anymore constructive, useful info that i end up people watching. Asthetically pleasing things excite me. Not that there are many life ones around me at the moment. I end up noticing the colours that peoeple wear, almost under the influence of thesartorialist. [don't you ever feel that life is just a string of near misses and almosts and accidents and coincidences. what do you do to swing it either way?]

the earrings that i've now converted to a flimsy bag charm. It actually looks kinda nice. I try to recall how I lost the other halves with vague success. But two distinct halves come together and look good. ah, like other matters. but I digress.

the pink stripes on the lavender. nice cuff links. oh wait, i take back what i said about not having any life samples of wonderful asethetics. the girl next to this lavender guy oozing with metro-ness, complete with the slingbag. she is one hawt chick. My brain has degenerated, I only process what i see in front of me and nothing else.

here's to old friends..

It felt like nothing had changed. It was the same easy banter, the same mannerisms, the same nonsense. We just forgot when we graduated and we got our years wrong. It has been that long since the pinafored days of running down corridors and pissing teachers off and writing regular notes to each other in class.
Tonight made me realise how much I missed an old friend. I just wonder why we never did this earlier. 4 years worth packed into 1 evening.
From that quiet little corner I found with our cod and duck, over to TCC for dessert where we got chased out eventually, then residing in ling's car.
We just got older and wiser with more dreams and wants. the connection still there. oh how we hold on to the cherished moments and reach out with our hearts in our hands. I understand.

guys, treat the girls right. its a game we all play.

To Wong-the-woman-ling(to the power of 2):
i -heart-you. and i'll see you soon, hopefully. i'd gladly be your valentine if only you weren't half way around the world ;). *muaks*

pardon me, while i get sentimental tonight.

//Sometimes you win or sometimes you lose
I don't wanna lose you
Don't even own you
I just wanna stay right here
Until never dawns yeah

wen at 7:04 PM


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

summer skin.

Of late, I've seemed to have a second go at things.

2007 is essentially a year of birthday parties. A year essentially of social gatherings where you pick up where you've left off with old friends, exchange numbers and then start talking with the people you used to know only by name and used to recognise by face. Never said hi. but hey oh. time to exchange numbers. It feels like a second orientation.

mag and yanlings' stripes and cubes 21st @ SRC where i was completely knackered and burnt from wakeboarding earlier in the day. but yay to meeting RGS friends after eons.
It has been awhile since I last dressed up proper for anything. I remember getting quite tired of having to do so during the last hols for partying, dinners and what not. Slippers and shorts beckoned instead.
So yesterday was a pretty much happy break in between casual affairs. what can I say but dinner was absolutely smashing. I really appreciate mike banning me from driving and insisting on coming to get me , considering the amount of alcohol that I consumed by the end of the night: moet (on an empty stomach and during dinner), white wine, mai tai, b52 shooter.. it was a weird tipsy feeling that I had. a weird mix of alcohol caffiene and much sugar from dessert.
and i wonder how we all made it to school/work today.

shiming's 21st @ il lido
[i -heart- this place. the food is fantastic, the setting perfect, heard that dinner by the setting sun is even better and well.. the price is fantastic as well. but really, smashing date place if you have the moolah to spare]

where the guys look suave and the girls look demure

the lucky birthday boy

with tracy

with mike


weiyang whom I have not seen since JC
cafe del mar... which is my perrfect chill out spot

i heart the sand, the sun and the sea..( shites i could be the perfect propaganda spouting machine for the navy. )which explains why my mum has since given up on me and my forays into looking non-chinese during school term...
and my persistent insistence on us getting out into the sun and wakeboard. it has since been 6 months since we agreed on this. yes it takes half a year to get us to go wakeboard.

the girls were estatic. ours. and yes it actually had a name:
i like this photo muchly.all together now.
and we all can look pro. [but we so need to go back again and be at least becky's standard]
and this is the story of jared
jared looks pro// jared waves and decides to wakeboard with one hand// rope goes slack on jared//jared in water

* ok fine.. it didn't exactly happen in this order. i pieced the photos together.
obligatory photo whoring
and so concludes a post of much fun joy peace and laughter.
i love how the weather is turning out these days. much sun, and cool wind.
i love the crisp smell of the night now. the cold air.
i'm learning to love myself.

//this time
we take it slow

wen at 11:55 PM


Saturday, January 27, 2007

puff of logic.

Miserable weather.
Lousy day.
Foul mood.

Weather like this should only be justified when tucked nicely in bed or with much loving, both of much were unfortunately non-existant.

I'm starting to see where the stereotype of lawyers has its roots:
a course where you learn to make use of those around you and to manipulate. the ends justify the means.
and another where you just become more cynical and start to enjoy the questioning and banging of the gahmen. its cool to be the rebel.
And then, the money-grubbing scrooge. where nights of reading (flipping) through your constitutional law text book has you learning an important lesson: that it is absolutely essential to be armed with a roll of scotchtape every single time, to hold your book in place. I seem to find new pages to tape up at every single read.
Oh no, I wouldn't dream of buying a new one.

Not when books cost a 101 buckeroos.

oh twice as much aint twice as good
And can't sustain like one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me

wen at 10:45 PM


Thursday, January 25, 2007

could you stay..

I reckon my attention span of late is akin to that poor praying mantis which got fried on the roof of Jared's car.

The weather has been fickle, as like many other things. Sun and then rain and then the sun again.. When the sky turns grey and the temperature drops so does energy level and then the angsting starts. I'm assuming that it takes every last ounce of effort in people to haul their asses to school on a rainy morning for a 9 am lecture. Trust me the thought of making a diversion to somewhere where there was hot coffee and breakfast crossed my mind many times.

Then there's lots of hurling of vulgarities in the car on the way to lunch.. lots of shit stirring (hurhur).. but somehow I have friends who find enough energy in them to man handle me out of my seat into the student lounge to play pool.

"wentu.. lets go play pool.. 15 min only"
"lets go now"
*my phone and wallet get taken away*
"ok byeee.. you guys can have my stuff"
*my laptop gets closed shut*
"nooooooooooooooo.... I don't know how to play pool!" (which is the truth. I only played pool once waaay back when I was still in my JC orientation days. i'm bloody pathetic I know)
*at this point in time, I get plucked out of my seat and hauled away....

A sidenote to self and to my knee: I'll treat you well.. get you a massage or something but pleasseeeee don't give up on me. pretty pretty please..

wen at 10:09 PM